January 22, 2024

Though much of the US is in the grips of a bone-chilling cold, the political scene is hotter than usual that you just know someone is going to get burned. Our European allies are hoping that ‘someone’ is a former president running for office — again! It seems the allies aren’t taking anything for granted and are conducting the biggest war games in decades; US immigration officials are already announcing that MX-US cooperation is impacting migrants arriving at US border; We all may be griping about high prices at the grocery store but the fact is most of us don’t see the economy as bad as some politicians want us to believe; Don’t think scientists know everything. There are still 10 ocean mysteries they still haven’t solved; and One forward-looking university is using hologram lecturers in classrooms with positive results. Go beyond the headlines…

America’s economic mood is improving fast: survey

NATO to conduct biggest war games in decades as show of power against Russia

US-Mexico immigration coordination producing results, official says

Consumers haven’t felt this good about the economy since 2021: ‘December was no fluke’

Latest EPA assessment shows almost no improvement in river and stream nitrogen pollution

10 ocean mysteries scientists haven’t solved yet

What you should know about the latest Covid variant

Hologram lecturers thrill students at trailblazing UK university

Latin America’s colonial period was far less Catholic than it might seem − despite the Inquisition’s attempts to police religion

Archaeologists discover ancient urn on section of Tren Maya

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