January 25, 2023

Mass shooters are thought of as hot-headed, short-tempered, erratic-behaving individuals. (Wait, kind of sounds like our current crop of certain GOP House of Representatives!) And those behaviors were always attributed to fairly young shooters. Yet, two of the most recent mass shooters were senior citizens. This shift in the profile is alarming and only adds to the fact that there are more mass shootings in the US than so far days in 2023; Pope Francis just made a courageous statement that has many hardline Catholics in disbelief; Corrupt politicians and criminal gangs are united in their disdain for journalists and are a contributing factor to a sad new statistic in the lives of journalists worldwide; The most pure form of innovation/invention is when a need is seen and something is created to answer that need. That’s what a group of Ukrainians have done and what they invented has far wider applications than they expected; and Who isn’t complaining about inflation these days? Well, compared to Venezuela, we shouldn’t be complaining at all. Go beyond the headlines…

More mass shootings in U.S. than days in 2023 so far

Ukraine’s corruption shake-up, briefly explained

The AP Interview: Pope Francis: Homosexuality not a crime

The number of journalist deaths worldwide rose nearly 50% in 2022 from previous year

US saxophonist Ted Nash mixing art with jazz in Cuba with rare collaborative performance

Parsing which foods are healthy and which are less so isn’t always straightforward – a new rating system aims to demystify the process

Humans Retain ‘Ancestral’ Understanding of Ape Gestures, Study Says

Portable water purification for emergency situations

Study puts Mexico’s workforce among top 10 in the world

Venezuela closed 2022 with an inflation rate of 234%

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