January 28, 2021

If anyone thought that the country is in a downhill battle to reclaim our morals, sense of decency and, most of all, our sanity, think again. Disturbing reporting reveals Trump’s tentacles still have a blinding stranglehold on too many Congressional Republicans and a sizable number of radicals whom the DHS just warned pose a real and continued threat of violence; Biden’s on track to bring peace of mind to the uninsured; Why are indigenous groups protesting an ABC show?; FIFA unveils a new education program to help abused players; and New discoveries are still being made in the Animal Kingdom. The latest? A ‘whale’ of a carcass that washed up on a Florida beach. Go beyond the headlines…

DHS issues advisory warning of continued violence by domestic extremists

New Biden health care orders begin to unspool Trump policies

Families Separated At Border Hope Biden Reunites Them, Bringing Deported Parents Back

Indigenous groups mount campaign against ABC’s ‘Big Sky’

5 websites to help educate about the horrors of the Holocaust

FIFA unveils education program to combat player abuse

New whale species identified in the Gulf of Mexico

Shark numbers in ‘alarming’ worldwide decline as many species face extinction, study says

New Data Locates Hundreds Of Millions Of Objects Throughout Space

A new technology to reduce motion sickness associated with VR headsets

Mexico’s approval of Russian vaccine is right out of a Cold War spy thriller

Peru: Militarization of borders puts human rights at risk

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