February 1, 2021

The Southern Poverty Law Center released a new report with both encouraging and disturbing news when it comes to the nation’s hate groups; Can Biden administration address housing inequality in a meaningful way?; Surveys are showing many Republicans are fed up with the radical direction of their party. Is it time to create a new one? Don’t think our disappearing sea ice matters to the world? Think again; and New startup creates a way to combat people getting sick from E. Coli. Go beyond the headlines…

Spurred By The Capitol Riot, Thousands Of Republicans Drop Their Party

Housing inequality: Biden admin takes first step to correct old wrongs

Report: Hate groups in decline, migrate to online networks

Mexicans defy pandemic blues with record remittance surge

The jobs where sexual harassment and discrimination never stopped

Arctic warming and diminishing sea ice are influencing the atmosphere

Study Links Neighborhood Conditions To Adolescent Sleep Loss

Microbial tags trace lettuce heads to help stop E. Coli outbreaks

Mexico’s snow and ice sculptors are champions in an unfamiliar medium

Missing Guatemalan woman’s family urges Mexico to solve killings of 19 suspected migrants

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