January 30, 2023

As the GOP House majority figures out ways to advance their MAGA agenda and retaliate against Dems for having the audacity of investigating their Mar-a-Lago party leader, new voters are sending a message that neither party seems to take notice of but will make a big difference in future elections; The Ukrainians have set a goal for themselves in joining the EU; A Congressional Dads Caucus?; Scientists just did something that only yesterday was pure science fiction; and Another new social media app is in cyberspace. One where bullies, trolls and ‘really mean’ people aren’t allowed. Go beyond the headlines…

Registration grows among voters not tied to major parties

Ukraine wants to join EU within two years, PM says

Utah becomes first state in 2023 to ban gender-affirming care for youth

With an eye on working families, Democrats launch the Congressional Dads Caucus

Biden Administration Seeking To Change Census Rules To Identify Latino/Hispanic As A Race Instead Of Ethnicity, Which May Prove Problematic

‘Extraordinary’ Video Shows Asteroid Passing ‘Extremely’ Close to Earth

This Shape-Shifting Robot Can Liquefy Itself and Reform

New social media app allows users to compliment each other and focuses on positive messages

Puerto Rico’s southern region fights for cleaner air, water

How years of instability came to a head in Peru

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