January 31, 2023

Extreme conservatives are steadily dictating their beliefs on the rest of us. It’s becoming such an issue that the Biden administration is considering doing something unprecedented to counter these extremists; Peru’s civil strife is getting so bad that this US agency has done something it only does in extreme emergencies; AI just analyzed warming trends. It has bad news; Love music apps? New app lets you ‘time travel’ through decades of music. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden administration mulls public health emergency declaration on abortion

Peace Corps evacuates volunteers from Peru amid worsening political crisis

Biden administration unveils new green card design with eye on enhanced security

How the pandemic changed the rules of personal finance

AI: World likely to hit key warming threshold in 10-12 years

Lasers revealed 5 ancient civilizations that were hiding in plain sight

Tuning into brainwave rhythms speeds up learning in adults, study finds

New app lets you ‘time travel’ through music from decades past

The Sounds of CDMX: digital story explores the ‘sonic landscape’ of Mexico’s capital

Thousands of Cubans left scrambling after new US asylum policy

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