January 4, 2021

Did we expect 2021 would start off any different than how 2020 ended? The disturbed mindset of Trump and the blind power grab by those Republican congressional cronies holding tightly to his slimy coattails are continuing the tradition of chaos of this presidency to the very end. Thankfully, there is other news, though not the best, to distract us: A Biden presidency can’t come soon enough for Cuba; Puerto Rico swears in a new leader who may actually deliver more than palabras; Pediatricians see disturbing COVID-19 complication; and Underwater project makes amazing discoveries. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump administration may place Cuba on terrorism list: report

Puerto Rico Swears In A New Governor Who Inherits Multiple Crises

2021 Will Be the Year of Guaranteed Income Experiments

Poor vaccine planning could increase the pandemic’s racial divide

Lawmakers push to add ‘Selena’ to National Film Registry, boost Latino visibility in media

Heart failure in children: Another rare COVID-19 complication. Here’s what to look for.

ATLAS project finds 12 new species of sea creatures

New app lets families and friends ‘gift’ investments to children

Mexico City Implements Ban on Plastics

Maduro’s Cops Kill More People than Criminals Do: NGO report

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