January 5, 2020

Globally speaking, all eyes are on Georgia today. Rational thinkers understand the importance of a Democratic win in Georgia if the Biden administration is to accomplish anything in the next 4 years. The biggest fear is that a GOP-run senate will act as obstructionists to any constructive act that begins the process of putting Americans on a competitive footing with Wall Street, lobbyists and the Top 1% . So, we hold our collective breath for the outcome, filtering out the delusional remarks from Trump. Just as Florida Cubans played a pivotal role in awarding Trump their state, Latinos in Georgia are reported to be shattering turnout records. The big question: How are they voting?; Thankfully, the first new DACA applications have been received; How do we root out racism in children’s books?; and Be careful slathering that sunscreen all over. New analysis find there may be a risk too high for some women. Go beyond the headlines…

In Georgia, Latinos shatter runoff turnout record as groups make last push for voters

‘Definitely A Civil War’: Trump’s Demands Splinter GOP Ahead Of Georgia Vote

U.S. judge blocks Trump sanctions targeting human rights lawyers, war crimes tribunal

First new DACA applications approved in final weeks of 2020

Minority-owned companies waited months for loans, data shows

Rooting out racism in children’s books

Stuff in sunscreen may play a part in breast cancer

President Vetoes Bill to Ban Fishing Gear Harmful to Dolphins, Other Sealife

Breakthrough material evaporates sweat six times faster and holds 15 times more moisture

New ‘YouCam Video’ App is World’s First Makeup and Selfie Retouch Video Editor

Deadly flash floods tear through Bolivia’s Sucre city

At 8.8 per 100 cases, Mexico leads in Covid fatality rate among most affected countries

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