January 5, 2023

President Biden is set to visit the source of his greatest criticism from Republicans — the US-Mexico border. On his way to join his colleagues at the North American Leaders’ Summit in Mexico City, Biden will finally get a first-hand look at what has been described as a humanitarian crisis festering along our southern border. Unfortunately, now that the Supreme Court has stayed Title 42 to prevent asylum-seekers from entering the US, there’s no reason to expect Biden can do anything to relieve the build-up of human misery happening on both sides of the border — and that seems to be the end-goal of Republicans; Speaking of the GOP, they’re giving us all an amusing, if not sad, display of how they operate in government. The chaos and disrespect happening in the chamber and broadcast around the world underscores to our allies just how close the US remains on the precipice of an uncertain democracy; The WHO has a dire warning for us all; One of the premier New Year’s resolutions is to strive for better health. A new app helps with eating fruits and vegetables. Go beyond the headlines…

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