January 7, 2020

Hillary Clinton was right. The scum that stormed our Capitol yesterday were the deplorable. The Georgia election official who pleaded with his fellow Republicans to reign in Trump or “someone is going to get killed” was sadly proven right. Everyone who’s had the courage to call Trump out for who he really is, only to be ignored by the GOP and harassed and insulted by Trump and his cronies, have been vindicated. How sad it took the destruction of our Capitol and 4 deaths to do it. I’ve heard some GOP politicians repeat the empty excuse that those deplorables were responsible for their own actions and that Trump wasn’t responsible. That is bullshit! The ones who stormed the building were on a mission sent by one guy — the one who told them to march to the Capitol and take back the country. The ones who echoed Trump’s delusional allegations and spurred them on to march (Giuliani and Trump’s grown sons). The politicians who perpetuated Trump’s false beliefs that he was robbed of the election and sponsored a challenge to counting the electoral votes. Our House must be cleaned and it starts with removing Trump from our Oval Office, charging the deplorable for the domestic terrorism they committed and booting those politicians who were complicit in misleading the public as to the true results of the election. We must demand these actions now. It is our duty as citizens, as Americans!

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