July 1, 2022

Saying politics is an ugly business is a sadly laughable understatement, even more so these days in the US. Politics is being seen by the majority of us as a career path to gain unprecedented power, privilege and influence without being particularly bright or skilled. It, unfortunately, is no longer synonymous with public service and selfless pursuit of fair and honest representation of constituents. Since Trump entered politics, his narcissism and pathological lying have poisoned the fundamental core of how our democracy was intended to work and which allowed it to survive for over 200 years. Thankfully, enough of us didn’t jump on his bandwagon of deceit and illusion and we were able to wrestle our country back from his delusional grasp. As we celebrate our 245th anniversary of being a country that was created for the precise purpose of welcoming ALL from around the world and allowing ALL the basic opportunity to exercise their own personal freedoms, as long as it didn’t hurt or infringe upon the rights of others, we should be very worried. Conservatism has morphed into a movement that wants to dictate to those who don’t adhere to their beliefs and perspectives and force us all to conform to their way of life. We see it with the Texas GOP party platform, we see it with the GOP politicians and we see it with the majority GOP Supreme Court. With the current state of national affairs on this 245th 4th of July, we all need to seriously consider the direction of our country and decide do we preserve it, improve it or surrender it. Our children’s futures literally depend on what we do today.

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