June 30, 2022

The escalating loss of life from the Ukraine invasion, senseless random gun violence, and the trafficked immigrants who are victims of a changing climate and increasingly greedy smugglers, among a few examples, highlight how violent death is becoming normal to hear about — and that’s dangerous. When it becomes normal, aka we don’t give a second thought to it once the initial 3-second shock evaporates, then it will not only become normal but expected as a consequence of living. In these times, it’s not nor should it be; The latest poll shows Latinos are very concerned about one issue but chances are high nothing will change; The first Black woman takes her place on the Supreme Court bench today; Don’t like inflation? One economist says we may all have to just get used to it; and An app that points out our toxic traits? Go beyond the headlines…

Sen. Durbin: Migrant deaths in Texas a ‘Uvalde moment’ for immigration reform

Axios-Ipsos Latino poll: Gun violence becomes top concern

Putin has been unwilling to engage in Ukraine talks, says Secretary of State Blinken

Ketanji Brown Jackson to Be Sworn in Thursday as Newest Supreme Court Justice

U.S. Could Be Facing Yearslong Economic Turmoil: Art Laffer

Pulse oximeter less accurate in non-white patients, study finds

NASA Is Outsourcing a Martian Mystery — You Can Take Part Online

The nontoxic social media app that tells you your toxic traits

Guatemala TV station identifies two sisters among the victims of human smuggling tragedy

Reporter shot to death in Mexico, the 12th journalist killed there this year

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