July 1, 2024

If a far-off species in outer space heard the news transmitted over our airwaves, they would not only be confused but be amazed how we’ve even survived. For example, a new survey finds that Americans want the right things but aren’t willing to sacrifice or work for them. We want sustainable energy. We say we want to save the planet. We want Mother Nature to return to the way she was — but we want our factories to keep making product and spew pollution and CO2 in the air. We still want to drive our big SUVs. We still want to eat our steaks. The list of what we say we want and actually do to make it happen has as big a gulf between them as the distance between the Earth and the stars. The contradiction is stark and pervasive: our desires for a greener, healthier planet clash with our attachment to convenience and consumption. This dichotomy paints a picture of a civilization at odds with itself, struggling to reconcile lofty ideals with ingrained habits. For the hypothetical alien observers, this would be a baffling and perhaps disheartening spectacle, highlighting the complex and often contradictory nature of human progress. They might wonder how a species capable of envisioning a sustainable future can simultaneously engage in practices that jeopardize that very future; The rage used to be micro apartments. Thankfully, not anymore; Economists say layoffs aren’t accelerating but a new analysis of what jobs many employers are offering reveals it’s a matter of semantics and hours; and Remember the global case dubbed “The Panama Papers”? One judge just closed the book on it. Go beyond the headlines…

Americans want sustainable energy but don’t want to change lifestyle, new survey finds

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