June 28, 2024

This morning, Democrats are reeling from the debate performance of President Biden. In one word – disastrous. His raspy voice and tangent for not defending his own record fiercely enough to combat the deluge of lies Trump loudly spewed left undecided voters leaning towards Trump. The sad thing is that because Trump enunciated clearly, but exhibited no substance (knowledge) and never directly answered a question posed to him, it made him appear to be the stronger candidate. All because of his voice. There’s no doubt Biden has been a good President and has excellently served this country over his 54 years in politics — but it’s time he makes the hardest decision of his life and step aside for a new nominee to succeed him. A new poll finds that Trump beats Biden in the popularity poll among their respective parties. It’s time Democrats reclaim the enthusiasm and energy of a new nominee for whom people can vote for because they believe in her/him rather than vote for because it isn’t Trump; When politicians talk about the deficit, none of us think it affects us personally. We’re wrong, according to economists; and The US is the envy of developed nations with declining populations. One demographic is driving that turn of fortune for the country. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump Vastly More Popular with Republicans Than Biden with Democrats, New Poll Finds

Democratic Mongolia, squeezed between authoritarian China and Russia, votes for new parliament

Newly naturalized citizens could theoretically swing the election: Report

Swelling US deficit makes Americans poorer, economists say

Census: Latinos drove U.S. population increase in 2023

This smiling robot has a face covered in ‘living’ skin

Aerospace engineering student uses black soldier flies to grow pea plants in simulated Martian soil

Character.AI now allows users to talk with AI avatars over calls

Mexico City survived ‘Day Zero’ but reservoirs are still low, despite heavy rainfall

Mafia wars are soaring violence in Colombia’s Caribbean port cities

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