July 2, 2024

A lot of worst-case scenarios are being attributed to President Biden’s unfortunate debate performance but the one takeaway that goes beyond the debate, the Democratic Party and the November election is how our global enemies now see the US. No doubt, Russia, China, North Korea, to name the top 3, saw Biden’s stumbling performance as a welcome indicator of how fragile Washington is at the moment. And as everyone knows when a predator smells weakness, they see opportunity. Couple that practical realization with what The Wall Street Journal is exclusively reporting this morning: Cuba is hosting an expansion of Chinese spy bases. Only 90 miles separates Cuba from our most southeastern point — Florida. To have one of our most arch adversaries literally on our doorstep does not imply good will. Rather, it signals something is coming down the road and the nation’s enemies counting on Washington to be more pre-occupied with the health of our president than what’s happening too close to home; In another example that our judicial system has been infiltrated by a version of the ‘body snatchers’, the Supreme Court just gave presidents immunity for “official acts,” specifically thinking of Trump; Scientists just made an amazing discovery about an ancient computer; and How much money do you really need to live comfortably? Go beyond the headlines…

Survey: The average American feels they need to earn over $186K a year just to live comfortably

Haiti’s gang violence has displaced 300,000 children, the UN says

Supreme Court rules Trump has immunity for “official acts”

America’s startup boom is still going strong. Here’s what it means for the economy

How felon voting laws vary by state and what it means for Donald Trump

Gravitational Wave Experts Discover ‘Remarkable’ Ancient Computer’s Secrets

Aboriginal ritual passed down over 12,000 years, cave find shows

Holocaust Museum L.A. launches new augmented-reality app with an assist from Hollywood

Panama to shut down Darién Gap route in deal that will see US pay to repatriate migrants

Satellite Images Show Expansion of Suspected Chinese Spy Bases in Cuba (subscription needed)

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