July 11, 2022

The Jan. 6 Committee hearings continue this week. While all evidence is clearly pointing back to Trump and his cronies, panelists plan to examine these same people’s ties with extremist groups who led the invasion on the Capitol; What more harm could the US Supreme Court do to our confidence in institutions? We are about to find out; Covid-19 cases are rising, but why?; and Want better strokes of genius? Scientists say there are two things to do to get our brain halves to ‘talk’ better with one another. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump associates’ ties to extremists probed by Jan. 6 panel

When abortion clinics close, low-income people will also lose access to other reproductive care

How an upcoming Supreme Court case could upend 2024 election laws, lawsuits

Many Of The Immigrants Who Died In The Trailer Of A Big Rig In Texas Were Trying To Make Money To Send Home To Their Impoverished Families

Artist depicts Latino diversity on Instagram. ‘The purpose ultimately is understanding’

A new COVID-19 foe, a really transmissible one, is emerging

Brain halves ‘talk’ better during dreaming and running

New app to give big boost to Parkinson’s disease management

Guatemala Closes Its Borders to Gang Members Fleeing El Salvador

Three runners are gored in a tense 5th Pamplona bull run

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