July 8, 2022

There’s no denying that the country is shifting to the right. To many, it means a forced conformation to a rigid, narrow perspective of how we should live our lives. To others, it means a return of the nation’s moral compass, though the embrace of the GOP that is now known more for lying and intent on dismantling our democracy rings hollow. Regardless, this shift to the right is transforming our lives but how much further could it go?; Inflation is here, recession is coming. We each have our own personal tolerance level. Check out how to calculate your own personal inflation rate; Guess which study revealed the worst state for women; One rising chef credits DACA for his success; and Remember ‘988.’ It’s the newest number for suicide and crisis hotline calls that we all should have on our speed dial. Go beyond the headlines…

How the Supreme Court’s move to the right could further transform life in the U.S.

How are rising costs impacting your household? Here’s how to calculate your personal inflation rate

Trust in news collapses to historic low

State Named ‘Worst for Women’ in Study Confuses Senator

‘The Only Reason I’m a Chef Today Is Because of DACA’

Coming July 16, a Suicide And Crisis Hotline Debuts Called 988. Here’s Everything To Know About It.

Next Week, Webb (telescope) Will Make History. The Teaser Image Is Already Breaking Our Brains

Unregulated New Technology: The Science of Mental Health Apps

Search for stolen Mexican religious sculpture goes international

From Machu Picchu to Mars: 14 Peruvian girls train with NASA in science and technology

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