July 12, 2023

In talking with people who hold extreme views, there’s one very clear common denominator — each, in my experience, has either dismissed education or has very little of it. This isn’t to say that all people with little education are extremists but those who embrace not being educated as a badge of glory use it as a shield to ward off reality. This lack of education appears to be spreading as cited in the latest poll on how Americans view colleges; Zelenskyy was MAD at NATO’s ‘vague’ membership plan. Ukraine’s president deserves more than what NATO is willing to give at the moment; A new study is peeling back the layers of the planet’s history and just how humans have transformed its future, our future; Have high blood pressure? Think you might? There’s a new app that makes it as easy to tell with a simple selfie. Go beyond the headlines…

Americans’ trust in college keeps dropping

Zelenskyy fumes over NATO’s ‘vague’ membership plan for Ukraine

How small wealthy suburbs contribute to regional housing problems

8 mistakes to avoid if you’re going out in the heat

Why so many baseball players are Dominican

Study Says Humans Were in Americas Thousands of Years Earlier Than Thought

The Ground Is Deforming, And Buildings Aren’t Ready

New smartphone app uses selfie to measure blood pressure

The Mexican Military Is Taking Control Of The Country’s Airports

Five Things to Know About the Guatemalan Elections

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