July 13, 2023

FINALLY, the climate crisis is spreading across the headlines like an unconfined forest fire. It’s long overdue. As the world snickered at such climate activists as former Vice-President Al Gore and teen Greta Thunberg, it’s slowly dawning on people that they were/are right. This isn’t a normal change in the climate but one that we’re responsible for creating. The ironic aspect of this crisis is that it’s a crisis for everyone except for political leaders, who could actually impact change. Will it become a crisis when more (beyond the current 735 million) face hunger due to droughts and storms decimating our food crops? Will it become a crisis when our oceans continue heating killing marine life, decimating another food source, and making it impossible for anyone to enjoy being at the beach? Will it become a crisis when more constituents cry out in frustration because they can’t get basic home insurance due to insurers discontinuing business? Will it become a crisis as more people die from extreme weather events – heating, snowfalls, flooding, tornados or hurricanes? It will be a crisis until politicians realize they no longer have a choice but to recognize, admit human involvement and actively create policy that starts to lessen the damage humans have already done to the planet. It will be a crisis until global leaders join forces to save our planet — from and for us! Go beyond the headlines…

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