July 13, 2022

The latest witness testimony of the Jan. 6 Committee confirmed what rational people already knew: Trump wasn’t just trying to overthrow our democratic electoral process; he tried to start a Civil War that day. He wasn’t fully successful, thankfully. Unfortunately, he planted the seeds for one and we heard that those itching for a fight plan to carry it out in the future; Debate rages as to whether or not we’ve hit peak inflation. Economists say there’s more pain to come and women-led households may bear the brunt; Western states that rely on Lake Powell for water may soon face another crisis of which there is no easy remedy; and New AI tools let you chat with your dead relatives in a comforting, albeit a little creepy, way. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden gets an earful in the Oval from Mexican President López Obrador

Expert on civil wars says the US is heading toward insurgency — the 21st-century version of civil war

Inflation figures get worse. How do they stack up against history?

Doctor proposes floating abortion clinic in Gulf of Mexico to avoid bans

Cost-of-living crisis to hit women hardest, report says

Why the new James Webb Space Telescope images are such a big deal

As drought shrivels Lake Powell, millions face power crisis

New AI tools let you chat with your dead relatives

Massive Research Initiative Reveals Truth about Ancient Coastal Maya

An Old Waterpark Could Be Mexico’s Largest Narco Mass Grave

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