July 14, 2022

Analysts say there’s a realignment happening with our political parties. They see the Democratic Party becoming more white and elite and the GOP working on diversifying their supporters and welcoming more immigrants. But it’s one thing to diversify your party and quite another to be inclusive. The GOP still has a horrible track record for inclusivity, as they continue their policies that strip average Americans of their freedoms to make their own decisions, to have equal access to voting outlets, to accept people of other sexual persuasions…and the list goes on. The GOP is taking a play from their ‘criminal’ party leader and scamming us all to make us believe they really want diversity in their party — or that they care; The House just addressed UFOs again in new legislation; Why is the world experiencing such odd/extreme weather? Scientists point to one source; and Why should homeowners be the only ones to benefit from energy savings with solar power? A new product brings equity to solar savings to both homeowners and renters. Go beyond the headlines…

Jan. 6 hearings: What we’ve learned, and what’s next

Republicans in Congress lay groundwork for anti-transgender push

A Trump judge seized control of ICE. Will the Supreme Court stop him?

First look: RNC prepares immigrants for naturalization tests

House votes to make it easier to report UFOs

These are the most dangerous metro areas for walkers

Ozone depletion over Arctic drives odd weather

PV-enabled window blinds bring solar power to apartment-dwellers

Mexico’s National Water Commission says 53 municipalities in 5 northern states are experiencing extreme water scarcity

Flash of light as meteor spotted over Chile

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