July 14, 2023

The latest economic data shows the economy is improving. However, for those who have suffered a layoff or not had a pay raise in a few years, the prices at the store, rising utility bills, and forget monthly housing costs, paint a different picture for many. In other words, though our ‘Fed’ continues to abide by a “data-driven” approach in their handling of inflation and the greater economy, the data isn’t reflecting the grim reality of daily life who are struggling to make ends meet; Another country is launching a claim to the moon; So, TX Sen. Ted Cruz and FL Sen. Marco Rubio are so repulsed by the use of ‘Latinx’ that they’ve spent precious time crafting a bill to ban its usage. Really?; No debate anymore. UFOs, UAPs, whatever you want to call these unknown objects zipping around our planet, are real and finally the House GOP is holding a hearing that has more substance than their shallow attempts of retaliatory hearings against the Dems and Biden admin; and If you’re tired already of hearing about Threads and Meta’s hold on social media, check out Retro. It’s a new app that wants to be the new Instagram. Go beyond the headlines…

State of the economy: The vibes vs. the data

India launches historic Chandrayaan-3 mission to land spacecraft on the moon

The International Olympic Comm. says it will not invite Russia and Belarus to the 2024 Olympics in Paris

Cruz and Rubio pitching bill to ban federal use of ‘Latinx’

House GOP plans to hold long-teased UFO hearing

New research puts age of universe at 26.7 billion years, nearly twice as old as previously believed

Meet the 19-year-old MIT dropout ‘replacing gunpowder’ for the defense industry

New photo app, Retro, puts an old idea front and center in your feed: your actual friends.

10 entrepreneurial expat women launching new businesses in Mexico

Argentina’s economic woes spark ‘supermarket tourism’ from neighbors

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