July 16, 2020

Ivanka Trump revealed what job she may pursue after she leaves the White House — Goya Foods spokesperson! Somehow, in another sign of the Trump family’s disconnect with Latinos, Trump thinks by doubling down on the Goya food fight he’ll win Latino voters. So, we say, please Mr. President, and family, keep promoting Goya; There’s one institution in the country where COVID-19 has been running rampant and it’s not nursing homes; Imagine that, a government watchdog group found that this federal agency misused funds meant for migrant aid. Who would have thought? And on a more positive note, ingenuity lives on! Inventors create a whole new way to wash our hair that is safe for the environment and our locks! Go beyond the headlines…

Struggling with Latinos, Trump hypes Goya food fight

Government Watchdog Says Aid For Migrants Misspent By Border Agency

COVID-19 death rate is triple among incarcerated people

The economics behind racial coronavirus disparities

Students are using Instagram to reveal racism on campus

Personality can predict who’s a rule-follower and who flouts COVID-19 social distancing guidelines

Universe is 13.8 billion years old, scientists confirm

Solid shampoo bars are as gentle on hair as they are on the planet

Colombian cartels killing those who don’t obey their Covid-19 lockdowns

Ruins of Pre-Columbian Palace, House Built at Cortes’ Orders Found in Mexico

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