July 3, 2024

On this eve of the 248th anniversary of the founding of the United States of America, the most important election in our nation’s history is only four months away. According to a new poll, 70% of voters already know for whom they’re casting their vote; The ability of MAGA and ultra conservative extremists to dictate our local, state and national policies is not an accident. It’s a calculated strategy that was years in the making. How else to explain that while the majority of Americans, believing that the democratic principles that allow us the freedom to live our lives as we want was written in stone, weren’t paying sufficient attention when these extremists systematically infiltrated school boards, local governments, and other key institutions? Their extremely narrow world view is endangering not only our democracy but in a few short years, the lives of trans children in almost half of the states; Scientists discover how to make fat cells burn calories; and Archeologists find 4,000 year old rock art in Venezuela from an unknown culture. Go beyond the headlines…

70 percent of voters have decided who they will back in November: Poll

Ukraine’s security service foils coup attempt

In just a few years, half of all states passed bans on trans health care for kids

Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs

Biden will bestow the Medal of Honor on 2 Civil War heroes who helped hijack a train in confederacy

Most of Us Are Right Handed But Left Eyed. Here’s Why.

Scientists Discover How To Make Ordinary Fat Cells Burn Calories

The future of music creation? Suno’s AI app hits the App Store

4,000-year-old rock art in Venezuela may be from a ‘previously unknown’ culture

White Rhino Born in a Chilean Zoo Gives Boost to the Near-Endangered Species

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