July 21, 2023

Political pundits are (prematurely) declaring the demise of FL Gov. DeSantis’ presidential campaign. I say prematurely because like any other politician greedy for power he’s not quitting – just yet. In fact, he’s doubling down in showing the rest of the country what his presidency would look like by signing into law abhorrent policies that make Florida an unattractive site to visit, do business in, get educated or just plain live. Contrary to whatever legacy he’s aspiring to leave behind, though the cynical part of me thinks if he could, he would create his own little fiefdom and declare himself eternal ruler of Florida, history will remember him as the worst and most tyrannical governor of the Sunshine State. Now, under his direction, he’s put the icing on the cake by directing his State Board of Education to revamp the teaching standards for teaching about slavery. He wants included, and it was, that African Americans received some “personal benefit’ from slavery. This egregious lie has no place in any school history lesson in the United States but it seems with each radical decision, DeSantis seems intent on molding FL to reflect his own delusional beliefs; First, it was Russia that realized it couldn’t bully the West with the admittance of Sweden and Finland to NATO. Now, China is feeling the pressure as the US and Australia join forces in the largest-ever exercise; Next week, the House of Representatives will hold a hearing that will have many wondering how ‘out-of-this-world’ the truth may be; and Alcatraz, Devil’s and Sado islands are but a few of the many penal colonies countries around the world created to house their worst criminals, separate from people and country. Now, one Central American country is planning its own island prison for gang members. Let’s just hope that these gangs don’t end up creating their own nation in the process. Go beyond the headlines…

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