July 20, 2023

Believe in climate change yet? Just ask the 80 million people facing temps above 105 degrees if this is still the natural progression of Mother Nature; The appeal of nationalism is something that has fueled conflicts throughout history. So, when a country willingly attempts to recreate what many consider is a shameful chapter in their history, it underscores how people don’t care about history or the impact of their votes; With climate extremes intensifying, it’s beyond stupid that businesses are forcing their workers back into the office. To put more cars back on the highways, adding to the global warming, defies reason. If we’re to try to salvage our planet, doesn’t it make sense to put less pollution in the air?; College is getting too expensive and out of reach for many students. Now, there’s a no-frills college that claims to get people a degree “quickly, simply and affordably.” Is it true? Go beyond the headlines…

Extreme heat indices above 105°F to hit 80 million people in U.S.

The Far-Right Is On the Brink of Power in Spain – Here’s What Is at Risk

Companies Requiring Full-Time In-Office Are Struggling to Recruit New Employees

No-frills college helps students get a degree quickly, simply and affordably

Holy voter suppression, Batgirl! What comics reveal about gender and democracy

Two planets sharing same orbit around their star? Astronomers find strongest evidence yet

‘Stunning’ discovery: Metals can heal themselves

Learning from superheroes and AI: How a chatbot can teach kids supportive self-talk

Number of Mexicans who say their city’s unsafe increased slightly

Expeditions in post-war Colombia have found hundreds of new species. But rich ecosystems are now under threat.

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