July 22, 2021

No doubt myths have arisen around the “Sleeping Giant” of voters. Now researchers are intent on ferreting out the facts from the fiction when it comes to Latino voters; The nation is fed up with the NRA and Second Amendment extremists as gun violence mounts, and now hospitals are making themselves heard; Finally, a President who believes it’s more important to help Puerto Rico recover than trying to punish it; and Sometimes simple is the best route. Just ask residents of one Mexican town who took water issues into their own hands. Go beyond the headlines…

Researchers combat myths about Latino voting

Hospital systems to Congress: “Enough is enough” on gun violence

Military sex assault reform stalled as Dems push for racial justice in the ranks

Biden administration to prioritize Puerto Rico’s recovery, not political status

Mayo Clinic expert warns delta variant will infect everyone who is not immune

Tips And Service With A Smile Drive Sexual Harassment In Restaurants, Study Finds

10 ways to keep your heart healthy in summer heat

New algorithm flies drones faster than human racing pilots

The Spotify of Travel: A New App With ‘Place Lists’

Mexican town’s innovative water treatment plant is so simple, its residents can run it

Sao Paulo’s Portuguese language museum returns 6 years after devastating fire

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