July 22, 2022

Regular readers of The Daily Habit know that every morning we provide a micro summary of overnight headlines. Today is different. One headline caught our attention, and in light of what was revealed at Thursday’s (July 21, 2022) primetime Jan. 6 committee hearing, we feel it warrants singular focus: “A radical plan for Trump’s second term.” Axios uncovers the most disturbing plans being made by Trump allies if Trump is reelected. It would be so easy to dismiss it all as fantasy or another conspiracy theory, and so much more preferable, if only we had not seen the video outtakes of the Jan. 6 attack by Trump supporters at the Capitol or seen Trump’s own inability to admit defeat in the retakes of his video address to simply tell people to go home or witness firsthand the extent of Trump’s abuse of power over 4 years when he was in office. While we could summarize the article, it wouldn’t do it justice or highlight the alarm we all should feel in reading the article in its entirety. As we always say: Go beyond the headlines…

A radical plan for Trump’s second term

Are Latinos Really Realigning Toward Republicans?

Trump accused of ‘dereliction of duty’ in dramatic Jan. 6 hearing

The Supreme Court just let a Trump judge seize control of ICE, at least for now

Hundreds of Family Dollar Products Recalled After Temperature Concerns

Global population projected to exceed 8 billion in 2022; half live in just seven countries

Beloved monarch butterflies now listed as endangered

New app aids caregivers of medically complex kids

7 out of 10 Best Resorts in Central America are in Costa Rica: Travel & Leisure

Bitso’s $2 billion rise shows the power of crypto innovation in Latin America

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