July 21, 2022

Today’s Jan. 6 committee hearings will show Trump’s greatest failure, and perhaps crime; House Dems proposing undocumented immigrants be put on a ‘rolling registry’; We all knew when the Trump admin pushed for the citizenship question to be on the US Census there was an ulterior motive. Now we know; Researchers say 40% of US workers will be quitting their jobs and where they’re going is surprising the experts; Puerto Rico is claiming title as another kind of tourist destination, and it’s ‘growing’ on people; and Explorers of a cave in Playa del Carmen just stumbled on an archeological discovery. Go beyond the headlines…

187 minutes: Jan. 6 hearing to show Trump’s deliberate inaction

House Democrats introduce ‘rolling registry’ bill for undocumented immigrants

Impact of Supreme Court’s climate ruling spreads

Secret Trump admin memo links citizenship question to apportionment

40% of U.S. workers are considering quitting their jobs soon—here’s where they’re going

Overconfidence bolsters anti-scientific views, study finds

How Puerto Rico Became One of the Caribbean’s Top Agritourism Destinations

New app ‘Qewd,’ the personal assistant for streaming video is launched

El Salvador gangs: State of emergency extended again

2,000-year-old Mayan pot discovered in Playa del Carmen cave

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