July 28, 2021

Treating undocumented immigrants with humane justice, compassion and fairness shouldn’t be tough but the complexity and partisan perspective of the issue dictates otherwise. So, should there be that much of a surprise that the Biden administration’s latest immigration plan is roiling both sides of the aisle?; Riddle me this, though domestic violence calls increased during lockdown, how come official police reports and arrests declined?; One religious sect is looking towards Latinos for their future, hint: it’s not Catholicism; and 20% of the world’s butterflies live in this South American country. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden releases 21-point immigration plan amid bipartisan criticism

As Congress Starts Investigating Jan. 6, New Details Keep Emerging In Court

Domestic violence 911 calls increased during lockdown, but official police reports and arrests declined

Racial justice in the workplace: In-depth look at diversity’s struggle to crack corporate boardrooms

Latinos will determine the future of American Evangelicalism

Earth’s ‘vital signs’ worsening as humanity’s impact deepens

Amateur Astronomer Discovers New Moon Orbiting Jupiter

New app helps architects create renderings featuring diverse population

696th anniversary of founding of Mexica capital celebrated with music and dance

Colombia home to 20% of world’s butterfly species, reveals report

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