July 28, 2022

You’d have to be living in an underground bunker to not know how much the economy is tightening. It’s straining everyone’s budgets and economists say any upcoming recession will likely impact one demographic who always escaped prior recessions with little to no pain; The Associated Press just finished an investigation into what’s speeding up climate change and it should make us all angry; There was one Uvalde victim who was a baseball fan like no other. This moving tribute allows us the privilege of learning about her dream; The CDC just issued a warning of a deadly bacteria found for the first time in the US; and Ever seen a pile of Legos spread out on the floor and wondered what different things could be made? There’s an unique new app to do just that! Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. Recession Would Likely Impact White-Collar Workers, Economist Says

Hidden Menace: Massive methane leaks speeds up climate change

What the Treasury is doing to address the housing shortage

Nursing homes are suing friends and family to collect on patients’ bills

‘She made us happy’: The all-star dreams of Uvalde’s biggest José Altuve fan

CDC warns deadly bacteria detected in U.S. for 1st time

Alarm as Earth hits ‘Overshoot Day’ Thursday: NGOs

New app creates LEGO sets by scanning pieces

Digital nomads bring changes to Mexico City’s boroughs — and they’re mostly Americans

Panama and Costa Rica Are the Most Competitive Countries in Central America

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