July 29, 2022

A Republican congressman, who happens to be a medical doctor, replied in an interview that we’re all just going to have to regard COVID as we do the flu. Something we’ll have to be vaccinated against on a yearly basis. To that end, Biden admin’s announcement yesterday about booster shots may be the new normal; We’ve all heard about the last minute climate bill deal reached in the Senate but what’s in it?; We hear a recession is coming. We know how inflation hits each of us personally but what exactly can a recession do to us?; Experts warn of the “worse” wave of opiod overdoses is on the horizon; One NFL player wants to make it easy for people to volunteer at nonprofits; and Researchers find a surprising link in Mexico between murder rates and schools. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden administration to begin offering updated booster shots in September

It Will Now Be Harder For Unaccompanied Immigrant Children To Languish In Government Custody

What’s in the “game changer” climate bill nobody saw coming

Election deniers are running to control voting. Here’s how they’ve fared so far

How Does a Recession Affect the Average Person?

Climate migration growing but not fully recognized by world

Coming wave of opioid overdoses ‘will be worse than it’s ever been before’

NFL player unveils app as way to connect people who want to volunteer and for nonprofits to find new donors

Mexico: New research shows the link between opening schools and falling murder rates

Peruvian social enterprise creates pay-as-you-go financing to make renewable energy more accessible

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