July 3, 2020

On the cusp of celebrating our nation’s Independence Day, we learn sad news of the final hours of young Latina Army soldier Vanessa Guillen. Her murder underscores the inequality that still exists in a society where women are still subjected to undue and disproportionate violence and discrimination; Yet, more than ever, this Fourth of July is truly a time of reflection. Not only how and why our country was founded but of those parts of our history that were either rewritten, dismissed or forgotten. Check out today’s headlines and learn the latest demand of the ACLU on the Trump administration; Why liking apocalyptic movies may be a good thing; and Scientists think they know why the ancient Maya abandoned their city of Tikal. Stay safe and always – Go beyond the headlines…

History of Fourth of July – Independence Day

Missing Fort Hood soldier was killed in armory, then hacked to pieces, family’s attorney says

NPR Reads The Declaration Of Independence

About half of America’s states owe their names to Native American origin: Here’s how each state got its name

Rent cliff looms in July as eviction moratoriums expire

ACLU calls on Congress to approve COVID-19 testing for immigrants

How old is your dog in human years? Scientists develop better method than ‘multiply by 7’

People Who Like Post-Apocalyptic Movies Are Better Equipped For Pandemics, Study Says

Why Did the Maya Abandon the Ancient City of Tikal?

What is Randonautica, the spooky new app that led teens to a dead body?

Paraguay controls coronavirus, while its neighbors struggle

Boy, 6, lost in Mexico City market 30 years ago reunited with his family

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