July 3, 2023

Last week, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) delivered one bombshell after another that had Americans’ heads spinning. Laws intended to create a “more equal union” were discarded. First, there was the dismissal of affirmative action being used in college admissions. Curiously, affirmative action was upheld for use at military academies. What would be the difference, you might wonder. As dissenting Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson pointed out, “The Court has come to rest on the bottom-line conclusion that racial diversity in higher education is only worth potentially preserving insofar as it might be needed to prepare Black Americans and other underrepresented minorities for success in the bunker, not the boardroom.” So much for an equal union; In the same week, SCOTUS sided with a Colorado web designer who claimed she should not be required, as stipulated in an anti-discrimination state law, to go against her principles if she didn’t want to design a website for a gay couple. The ruling was more to make a point and set the legal groundwork for further anti-LGBTQ actions in the future (my opinion) because the client cited in the case was a heterosexual married man. In other words, the case was hypothetical. And here we thought SCOTUS rendered decisions based on actual disagreements between two parties and didn’t use their position to further an ideology that actively targets the dismantling of a “more perfect union”; We’ve all noticed that the weather is LOCO these days. What if I told you that we could actually solve it? It seems computer scientists do have the answer – if anyone would listen; and A deep sea discovery has just been made off the coast of Costa Rica. Spoiler: it’s not a secret UFO(UAP) base. Go beyond the headlines…

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