July 4, 2024

Happy 4th of July! While we celebrate our history with parades, fireworks and cook-outs, our nation isn’t as united as our Founding Fathers envisioned for the 21st Century. Case in point: While media, on both sides of the aisle, are reveling in Biden’s chances against Trump in November, the majority of Americans (70%), already know who’s getting their vote. Couple that with a new poll that reveals the majority of us don’t think Trump will concede the election, and we could have a repeat of the Jan. 6 violence, makes the media hype just that — hype. The sad fact is a donkey (the animal) could run against Trump and the donkey would still win because the polarization and distrust in the political system have reached such high levels. People are not necessarily voting for Biden, but rather voting against Trump. This phenomenon highlights the deep divisions within the country, where elections are more about opposing a candidate than supporting one. The media’s focus on the horse race aspect of the election often overlooks the underlying issues that drive voter sentiment. As a result, the narrative around the election becomes more about sensationalism than substantive discussion on policies and the future direction of the nation; The world knows too many innocent Gaza civilians have died in Israel’s revenge bombing of Hamas and now we have a number; It seems the pool industry is the ‘canary in the coal mine’ of a struggling economy; and A new social media app is proving a hit with Gen Z. Go beyond the headlines…

Majority of Americans don’t think Trump will concede if he loses election: poll

Palestinian death toll from Israel-Hamas war surges past 38,000, Gaza Health Ministry says

At the Arizona-Mexico border, residents are fed up: ‘The politicians are creating the mayhem’

How the U.S. economy drowned the swimming pool industry

The explosive history of fireworks, from ancient China to Revolutionary America

Ozempic, Wegovy linked to rare condition that can cause blindness, study says

Pre-Hispanic Ball Court and Curious Circular Structure Discovered

noplace, a mashup of Twitter and Myspace for Gen Z, hits No. 1 on the App Store

Mexico: Michoacán investigates 8 male political candidates who posed as trans women

Luxury properties of captured Colombian drug lords repurposed to serve victims

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