July 30, 2020

In a democracy that is bombarded daily with attacks from the highest office in the land, whose traditional duty has been to preserve it, we discover there’s an additional low-point: Journalists are now classified the same as these perceived threats to the nation; One researcher finds that the gender pay gap involves much more than pay disparity; Latino COVID-19 patients suffering severe cases develop troubling consequences; and Lin-Manuel Miranda shares his thoughts on writing. Go beyond the headlines…

New Pentagon training refers to protesters, journalists as ‘adversaries’

Federal judge blocks Trump immigration ‘public charge’ rule due to pandemic

The gender pay gap that no one is paying attention to

Lin-Manuel Miranda on Writing

Study: Chest X-rays Show Severe COVID-19 Cases in Latino Patients

A New Photo Exhibition Captures The Stark Reality Of Climate Change

Social distancing varies by income in US

Algorithm Finds Hidden Connections Between Paintings At The Met

Costa Rica-made plasma shown to inhibit coronavirus, ready for clinical trials: UCR

Top Mexican drug kingpin El Mencho reportedly builds own private hospital

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