July 6, 2023

It used to be known among medical professionals that the South was a risky place for women to have a baby if not blessed with the greatest medical care. Now, maternal deaths have taken a disturbing turn; NATO has never been as important, since its creation, as it is now. The big question is what will happen at NATO Summit 2023; Getting ready to pay back those student loans? Check out what’s new under Biden administration’s new repayment plan; Quiz: What is the most “voracious predator the earth has ever known”? Hint: it’s still alive; and It’s so hard for talented people in developing nations to garner the deserved attention from the rest of the world. Now, there’s a new social media platform that aims to focus African creatives with global opportunities. Go beyond the headlines…

Study: Maternal deaths widespread beyond the South

NATO Summit 2023 Explained: Five Things to Watch

Inside Joe Biden’s new student loan repayment plan

Why pedestrian deaths in the US are at a 40-year high

To tip or not to tip? 3 reasons why tipping has gotten so out of control

Researchers Identify The Most Voracious Predator The Earth Has Ever Known

Study says drinking water from nearly half of US faucets contains potentially harmful chemicals

New social media platform connects African creatives with global job opportunities

Sweet 16? US dollar dips below 17 pesos

Aging Cuban infrastructure means water shortages for Havana

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