July 7, 2020

Instead of trying to campaign to the masses, Trump insists on doubling down on his narrow base of racists. To appease them, because he thinks they will get him reelected, Trump is refiling paperwork to end this Obama initiative that the Supreme Court just saved; Trump has instructed ICE to bar this group from entering the US; Wonder why there are Latinos loyal to the GOP?; and Uruguay is the first country in Latin America to do something the US is still debating about. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump expected to refile paperwork to end DACA this week

Trump administration bars international college students if their school’s classes are all online

How did ‘white’ become a metaphor for all things good?

Dashboard displays COVID-19 disparities by county

How the GOP Built a Loyal Hispanic Base

U.N. Predicts Rise In Diseases That Jump From Animals To Humans Due To Habitat Loss

Experts find early ocher mine in Mexican underwater caves

How to enable and use Gmail’s AI-powered Smart Reply and Smart Compose tools

An hour south of Mexico City is Mexico’s cheese factory

Uruguay Leads the Way in Return to In-Person Schooling in Latin America

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