June 13, 2023

The most dreaded word in our vocabulary is the ‘c’ word — cancer. The National Cancer Institute estimates that in 2023 609,820 people will die because of it. Two headlines evoke the question: Is cancer preventable? Well, it depends on who you are, unfortunately; With Russia’s unrelenting destruction of Ukraine there was worry for the country’s cultural and historic sites. Now, scientists are using high-tech to preserve Ukraine’s history; Heard of Ray Dalio? If you don’t listen to financial news, there’s a good chance you don’t — but you should. Aside from making his millions in hedge funds, he’s an ardent student of history and discovered a definite pattern that’s replaying now and charts a path towards the US’s future; Did you know “cars fuel racial inequality?”; Scientists discover an amazing new find about a Mediterranean diet; and Astronomers used a new technique that revealed a ‘stellar’ finding. Go beyond the headlines…

Who you are, where you live help determine your chances of beating cancer

Using high-tech laser gear, UN-backed team scans Ukraine historical sites to preserve them amid war

Ray Dalio Talks About The Changing World Order With Steve Forbes 

How cars fuel racial inequality

Second cancers kill more Black, Hispanic breast cancer survivors than members of other ethnic/racial groups

Mediterranean Diet ‘De-Ages’ Patients’ Brains by Up to 9 Months in New Study

Planet Orbiting 2 Stars Discovered Using New Technique

New app makes it easy to discover and share recommended places with friends

Shunned by US, China investors use Mexico to keep grip on North American market

Hundreds of families mourn in Peru as children fall victim to dengue outbreak

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