June 14, 2023

The world is complex. Duh, you might think. But we know things are complex when two opposing observations are true at the same time. Case in point: Researchers say global inequality is at its lowest level in nearly 150 years but disparities are only deepening. According to the National Institute of Health, “Disparity implies a difference of some kind, whereas inequity implies unfairness and injustice.” So how can both be true in this world?; The UN releases the latest estimate of how many people worldwide are migrants fleeing war or violence and it’s A LOT; One last Beatles song?; A disgraced former US president was arraigned and is more of a danger to us all than ever; Archeologists make a stunning discovery that (again) upends the age of man on this planet; and Ever wanted to add music to your Instagram notes? You’re in luck. Go beyond the headlines

Global inequality at lowest level in nearly 150 years

110 million people forcibly displaced as Sudan, Ukraine wars add to world refugee crisis, UN says

Annual numbers of excess deaths in the US relative to other developed countries are growing at an alarming rate

Five takeaways from Trump’s arraignment 

The federal student loan pause ends Sept. 1—how you can get ready

Paul McCartney says AI was used to create new Beatles song, which will be released this year

Oldest ever Homo sapiens footprint is found, pushing the record back by 30,000 years

You can now add music to your Instagram Notes

Mexico: After threats, Tijuana mayor will reside in military barracks

Successful search for Colombian children now turns to missing search/rescue dog

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