June 14, 2021

It’s a no-brainer to see that while the pandemic exposed the ‘great gaps’ that exist in our society it’s another thing to expect that those same gaps are closing. In fact, with the uptick of Asian discrimination, white supremacy on the rise, anti-immigrant rhetoric continuing…it seems things are getting worse before they get better. For example, a new report finds Latino and female entrepreneurs still suffer disproportionately in one area; Why Hollywood continues to have a Latino culture gap; Why it’s taking so long to understand why Latinos have higher death rates with certain cancers; and Who’s helping Latinos get prepared for retirement? Go beyond the headlines…

Pentagon to redirect $2.2B in border wall funds back to military projects

Black, Latino and female entrepreneurs are still ignored by most venture capitalists

Hollywood’s Latino culture gap

Black and Hispanic Americans Face Extra Retirement Planning Challenges

Hispanics have much higher death rates in certain cancers. A study is trying to change that

Climate Change Is Draining the World’s Lakes of Oxygen

Startup Kelekona develops a 40-seat drone bus

New Device Taps Brain Signals To Help Stroke Patients Regain Hand Function

NGO’s mission to aid deported Mexicans looks northward for support

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon Reaches Record High in May

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