June 17, 2022

If it hadn’t been for the ‘pandemic stipends,’ many families in the country would have been in far worse financial shape sooner than what is happening now. Though President Biden seems to disagree, most economists say a recession is on the horizon — and everyone needs to get ready; Good news from the EU: Ukraine is (finally) on its way to becoming a member; The Feds are now doing something that is long overdue; A new study finds that 1.2 million more women would join the workforce if given one thing; Are you diligent about washing your fruit before eating it? Unfortunately, most aren’t. So who know how much pesticide we’re ingesting. Now, there’s a sensor to let us know how clean our fruit really is. Go beyond the headlines…

‘This is unprecedented’: US economy on brink of recession

Ukraine Wins Initial EU Recommendation for Membership Path

Feds taking first steps toward revising race, ethnic terms

Migrant apprehensions in May break monthly record

Childcare subsidies would send 1.2 million women into the workforce, new paper finds

A brief statistical portrait of U.S. Hispanics

The West just experienced an aspect of the climate crisis that scientists have warned of for years

Tiny sensor detects pesticide residue on individual fruits

El Salvador’s Bitcoin pet hospital

Cholula (Mexico) residents celebrate the Virgin with flowers, lots of flowers

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