June 20, 2022

Happy Juneteenth! Don’t forget banks and mail delivery have the day off; The Jan. 6 hearings are important but for those who can’t watch the proceedings, here’s some pivotal information that are starting to change the course of our nation’s destiny; Zelensky got his wish last week when the EU finally declared they’re considering Ukraine’s membership, but Zelensky warns of a dark consequence of the announcement; Could exercise be as simple as taking a pill in the future?; Want to stop vaping or smoking? There’s an app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

Juneteenth means USPS, banks, stock market closed Monday

The moments resonating from the Jan. 6 hearings (so far)

US recession this year is now more likely than not – Nomura

Zelensky warns against greater Russian hostility amid EU candidature bid

Newly elected Mayra Flores says Latino voters are tired of being taken for granted

Antarctic Glaciers’ Ice Loss “Unprecedented”

Exercise In A Pill Inches Closer To Reality With Identification Of Lac-Phe

New app helps those wanting to stop vaping or smoking

Seaweed and 3D printers: Chile’s innovative approach to feeding kids

Colombia elects former guerrilla Petro as first leftist president with first Black vice-president

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