June 2, 2022

The burial of the 19 angels, of the 21-person, Uvalde massacre has barely begun and we are facing yet another mass shooting. This time in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The GOP continues to say the problem is all about mental health, and they’re not wrong. Yet, GOP extremist attitudes won’t see that restricting/banning gun access in the country would (hopefully) make it harder for mentally ill, and other vengeful creatures, to get their hands on more destructive weapons. So, this year’s National Gun Violence Awareness Day takes on special importance: Wear Orange June 3 if you believe in common sense gun laws; And speaking of children dying: Kyiv registers 261 children killed. Why are we killing the next generation?; FEMA is supposed to help every American at their most vulnerable when Mother Nature hits, but new studies show the agency predominantly helps only one group; Congress has a chance to prove how much they’re thinking of the nation’s children but they only have until June 30; and Progress is made on treating “tough-to-treat” cancer. Go beyond the headlines…

National Gun Violence Awareness Day is June 3: Why Wear Orange Campaign Is Important

Russia-Ukraine live news: Kyiv says 261 children killed

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Blue cities in red states say they won’t help enforce abortion bans

A program that helps millions of hungry kids is about to expire

Novel genetic experiment shrinks tough-to-treat cancer

Diabetes May Weaken Teeth And Promote Tooth Decay

New app connects opioid overdose witnesses to Narcan responder

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