June 3, 2022

As President Biden was scolding and imploring Congress to pass sensible gun laws, more reports of shootings of innocent people were surfacing: a church in Iowa where a gunman killed 2 people; an 8-yr-old on vacation with his family in South Carolina was killed by a guy shooting at cars driving by his house and the list goes on. Unbelievably, after Biden’s speech, some conservative commentators and GOP politicians screamed that Biden should be impeached. I say those same people should be committed because they are surely exhibiting cracks in their mental stability; It’s long been known that Latinos have a love affair with guns. Not to shoot people (intentionally) but to fire in the air celebrating whatever, and so it’s long overdue that there be a campaign targeting Latinos about gun safety and control; Always wished you were taller, or maybe a tad shorter? Scientists are saying to be careful what we wish for when it comes to our height. Go beyond the headlines…

Two Professors Found What Creates a Mass Shooter. Will Politicians Pay Attention?

Latino Dems say Spanish-language campaign needed on gun control

Russia-Ukraine war hits 100th day; Moscow starts military drills in the Pacific

Analysis: Corruption in Central America frustrates U.S. plan to tackle migration ‘root causes’

As the baby formula crisis worsens, it’s also magnifying disparities in the U.S.

Headache Experts Advise What Products To Use To Prevent Migraines

A person’s height impacts their risk of multiple diseases

New App Identifying Jaundice From Babies’ Eyes ‘Could Save Lives’

Pandemic isolation brought unexpected benefits for some Maya communities

Immersed in crisis, Peru failing to protect its portion of the Amazon rainforest

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