June 20, 2024

War and well-being do not go hand-in-hand. We see it in Haiti, Gaza, Ukraine — and Sudan. In each of these countries, hunger is an issue and Sudan is the latest to test our collective resolve of either doing nothing to help them or send them desperately needed aid; Anyone buying a house knows it’s already expensive but compared to take-home checks, home prices may be more expensive than we even realize; Have back pain? Take a walk; One tactic political parties use to ensure they win elections is by gerrymandering. Whether they split up like-minded voters or ‘stack’ them to favor their political party, gerrymandering is a bad faith way to win election and circumvent the will of a community. However, gerrymandering thrives and a handy map shows underscores how many of us have been impacted by power-hungry political parties; and Ever wanted to get up close and personal to a buffalo, without being gored or arrested? There’s now an app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

Half of Americans struggling to stay where they are financially: Poll

As famine looms in Sudan, the hungry eat soil and leaves

Map Shows Most Gerrymandered States

U.S. home prices have far outpaced paychecks. See what it looks like where you live

Louisiana becomes 1st state requiring Ten Commandments be posted in classrooms

Walking brings huge benefits for low back pain, study finds

Ticking Time Bomb: Space Junk Is Eating Away at Earth’s Ozone Layer

Virtual buffalo will walk side-by-side Canadian park visitors thanks to new app

Deadly heat in Mexico and US made 35 times more likely by global heating

United Nations expresses deep concern over escalating violence in Colombia

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