June 21, 2024

According to a new survey, citizens of high-income nations are dissatisfied with their democracy more than ever. For the US, does it boil down to wage differences? Political power? The economy? Interestingly, no. The difference lies in something attainable by all Americans — for those who want it; The heat is literally killing people around the world. It’s so bad in Egypt that the government has done something unprecedented but is most likely to be the ‘new normal’; We’ve seen in sci-fi movies what happens to us lowly earthlings when faced with an interstellar catastrophe. Now, NASA wants to rehearse for the likelihood of a sci-fi scenario happening in real life; and Do you know which South American city is the most expensive? Go beyond the headlines…

Satisfaction with democracy has declined in recent years in high-income nations

Egypt forms crisis unit on haj pilgrimage deaths as toll rises

U.S. health care is deeply unequal — and might get worse

The Most Common Essential Jobs in the US Don’t Pay a Living Wage

Map Reveals How Your Home’s Climate Will Change in 50 Years

Vegetable gardening can improve health outcomes for cancer survivors, study finds

Asteroid headed toward Earth? NASA simulation explores how the nation might respond

MigraineSmart: New App Program for Migraine Sufferers

9 Mexican wines win Grand Gold Medals at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Montevideo, Uruguay remains the most expensive city in South America

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