June 19, 2024

There’s no two ways about it: The push to rid the country of public, federal and private policies addressing racial disparities, through abolishing DEI considerations, from diversifying boardrooms and C-Suites to college campuses, is a blatant aggression to whitewash the reality of who makes up America today. To justify such moves by saying that the elimination of such policies only enhances fair competition among candidates is a joke. Racial, and gender, discrimination is so institutionalized within our society that the line between discrimination and meritocracy has become blurred. The systemic barriers faced by marginalized groups are deeply entrenched, making it nearly impossible to achieve true equality without intentional efforts to dismantle these obstacles. By ignoring the historical and ongoing impacts of discrimination, we are perpetuating a cycle of inequality that rewards privilege and punishes diversity. The idea that removing DEI considerations will lead to a level playing field is not only naive but also dangerously dismissive of the lived experiences of millions of Americans who continue to face discrimination in various forms — and a new survey validates this reasoning; So, Russia and N. Korea just signed a mutual defense pact. Scary news; The economy is chugging along as the Federal Reserve expected to bring inflation down. Unfortunately, not so consumers; and Something special just happened at Yellowstone National Park that Native Americans say fulfill a prophecy. Go beyond the headlines…

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