June 22, 2021

Politics used to be presented as the highest level of public service a person could aspire to. Nowadays, depending on your party, politics is increasingly seen as nothing more than a power grab cemented through corruption, lies, disinformation, self-interest and self-gain. Against this backdrop, the Senate will face a vote on voting rights that will clearly mark who is on the side of democracy and who is on the side of advancing their own power siege; Supreme Court delivers another ‘nail in the coffin’ to Trump anti-immigration practices; US government (finally) addresses our nation’s sad history with indigenous boarding schools; What’s the first step towards climate justice? The solution is as close as in our own backyards; and Migration could be changing the face of Latin America. Go beyond the headlines…

Democrats Unite Behind Voting Rights Bill as It Faces a Senate Roadblock

Supreme Court dismisses moot ‘Remain in Mexico’ case

US official to address legacy of Indigenous boarding schools

Groups Ask Education Department to Take Action on College Voting

The dip in the US birthrate isn’t a crisis, but the fall in immigration may be

Team links fossil fuel to more than 1 million deaths in 2017

Home Improvement Could Be A 1st Step Toward Climate Justice

UFOs are real. That’s the easy part. Now here’s the hard part.

CDC launches Covid-19 WhatsApp chat in Spanish to spur more Latino vaccinations

Can jazz and hip-hop save dying languages? Indigenous bands say yes

‘Latin America will never be the same’: Venezuela exodus reaches record levels

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