June 22, 2022

The bipartisan Senate group has come to a compromise. However, extremists continue screaming it goes too far, but we should be the judge of that and see whether it goes far enough; Inflation is a joy killer and each of us has our own tipping point. Check out this handy calculator to figure out your’s; The Supreme Court is busy and there are still some big decisions waiting to be decided this term; Get your blankets and stake your spot to see a ‘stellar’ parade that won’t be seen again for 18 years; Ever felt like you’re not alone, even when there’s nobody around? Scientists say you’re right and your feeling goes ‘skin deep;’ and Mexico just broke a Guinness world record that ‘punches’ the country to the top. Go beyond the headlines…

Bipartisan Senate group releases bill text for gun safety deal

Ukraine and the problem of “futurelessness”

What is Your ‘Personal Inflation Rate’? Here’s a calculator to figure it out

Here are the biggest Supreme Court decisions we’re still waiting for this term

Democrats face warning signs over Latino support

An Incredible 5-planet Parade Is Happening in the Sky This Week — and Won’t Be Seen Again Until 2040

The secret lives of mites in the skin of our faces

Safe in the sun? UN launches new app to help beat skin cancer

Mexico breaks Guinness record with boxing lesson for 14,299 people

Panama’s national bird coveted on int’l black market

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